Swarm Removal Richland Wye

Bee swarm in Richland Wye
Hi my name is Ron White and I'm a beekeeper.I also do swarm and hive removals in and around the Tri Cities areas Kennewick ,Pasco and Richland   
and surrounding towns Burbank, West Richland,Prosser,well most of the Columbia Basin if bees need rescuing call me! 

I received a call 4/27/2012 from a landlord I know well that has used my service for a few years about a bee swarm in a tree at one of his rentals.He asked if I could hurry because the tenants little girl was allergic so I grabbed my bee box and off I went to the Richland Wye to remove a swarm!

removing bees with bee brush
I grabbed my bucket and bee brush started gently brushing them into a plastic bucket and placed the bees into a waiting hive.

easy does it don't want to upset the girls!
Bees are normally calm when swarming and a suit or gloves are not needed.

temporary home