Swarm Removal Kennewick

Swarm of bees in a ruby wiggly
Received a call Sunday afternoon a wife looks out her front window and see a swarm of bees all flying around her front entry way! Calls her husband who's just arriving to not get out of his car because of the bees.  Bees what bees? His son say's look their everywhere! So they call me! I show up with sandals on shorts and a tee shirt?Box under my arm hand snips at hand.Bees un ? By the time I'm done their all out side watching me.Won't sting ? Well some times if you squash'em or step on them,but not normally .I was shacking them off the bush into the box bees are all through the air all around me they thought I was crazy. but they were a lot less afraid after seeing what you can do to them without getting stung then before I got there. 

Bees going into their new home!
Set my box up and told them I'd bee back at dark made sure the girls were going into their new home and left.

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